Premium Or Performance Brakes – Which Are Better For You?

Brake technology has increased significantly in the last two decades. This has caused many drivers to be left ‘in the dust’ as to what is right for them. When talking about brakes and brake pads, there are two broad types that tend to be used by most drivers. The first are called premium brakes while the second are called performance brakes. The two types are quite different as they are made with two different uses in mind. Which type is right for you?

Most “everyday” cars use premium brakes. This is the level of brake that they are installed with when they roll off of the assembly line. Premiums are designed to give the vehicle a good blend of stopping power and value.

They are usually optimized to reduce the amount of noise produced and produce only a small amount of brake dust. This works very well for most drivers since they use their vehicles as a means to get from point A to point B. Their main concern is having brakes that work.

Performance brakes, on the other hand, are more specialized. They are designed as an upgrade to premium brakes. Most drivers should not have to worry about considering performance brakes as the features don’t really apply to them. Performance brakes are designed to be ultra-sensitive and work at very high temperatures.

These brakes are a great choice for drivers who enjoy some form of racing, where stopping power needs to be maximized. The drawback to these brakes is that they tend to wear out at a faster rate than premiums, and they produce a good deal more brake dust.

There are many choices of performance brakes. While the lower end models are still on the pricey side, you may find that even more expensive brakes give better results. Some are meant to perform well at temperatures far beyond what the normal driver should ever need to worry about.

There really is no way to determine which type of brake is the best. After all, the two designs are meant for separate uses. If you consider yourself a driving enthusiast and you would like to get a little it more out of your vehicle, then you should consider performance brakes. However, most drivers will never need to look outside the realm of premium brakes. Whatever you choose, you should always consult a qualified technician for advice and help in installation.