Continental Tires

Since its founding in 1871, Continental Tire has been manufacturing tires to suit every type of driving need and vehicle across the world. Continental Tires is an international corporation with futuristic vision, mission and goals. It is a Germany based entity with at least 170 locations worldwide and employees 87,000 people.

Futuristic engine designs, fuel and cost-efficient cars, tires that are safer and more environmentally friendly are at the forefront of current technology prototypes with this corporation.

At the product level of tire production the Continental Tire Company in the United States is dynamic and technologically advanced in providing safe and efficient tires for all types of road vehicles. The company standards for a successful tire are to provide a high performance, safety forward, reduced emissions and fuel cutting consumption product.

Continental Tires strives to provide all the information, technical development and design, performance relevant and savings efficiency data that customers need and seek in an easily accessible format on their website. Then customers can have a quick and easy to understand shopping site that only requires computer access.

The most exciting news about the Continental Tire selection is that it is revolutionary in design and performance utility. Its qualities include dependability, safe construction, durability, versatility and specific design for all terrains and driving challenges.

The categories of tires in the product line are the

1.) Performance tires- racing and touring vehicles
2.) Passenger/coupe/minivan tires-individual and family urban and rural driving vehicles
3.) OE (original equipment tires)-that come with a new vehicle or are recommended specifically for the vehicle optimal performance
4.) Winter tires-tires for snow, wet and dry road challenges

The Continental Tire for passenger cars, light trucks, sports utility vehicles, passenger buses and semi-trucks are all constructed with the same impeccable standards of safety, performance, durability, environmental responsibility and cost-efficiency.

Tires that are among the best high performance models on the street, to winter tires like the ContiExtremeWinter Contact that cut through the snow with ease, Continental has a variety of choices.

For all-season tires the ExtremeContact DWS is rated among the finest from any tire maker today. But regardless of what you drive, Continental tires will give you a smooth ride to go along with excellent handling and response, as well as tread life.

Finally, there is a lot to be said about the future focused technology that makes Continental Racing Tires a must have for todays optimally equipped, smooth and controlled driving experience when speed, agility and safety determine the winning performance. The ContiSport 5P is the latest development that combines responsive handling, steady and intense road surface contact, smooth and controlled acceleration accompanied by enhanced braking performance and reduced CO2 emissions for cleaner air and environmental standards.

Continental Tires explains its product construction, safety features, performance advantages and economic savings all on an easily accessed website that offers other diverse products, upcoming annual events and activities. Continental Tires devotes its financial, educational and charitable assets to emergency aid projects, organized sports activities, racing events and seeks to increase the combination and collaboration of human and technological advancement for the future of people and the environment.


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