Cooper GFE Tire Review

The Cooper GFE tire is specially designed to provide much lower rolling resistance that will lead to better fuel efficiency. This is something that is quickly becoming more important with drivers as a way to fight skyrocketing fuel prices. With a T speed rating the GFE touring tire utilizes a silica technology in the tread compound to give it better handling on both dry and wet pavement.

A unique feature of this model is the traction compensating sipes that actually become longer as the tire tread lessens. This helps give the tire better performance on wet roads, and much improved bite in winter weather conditions. Special polymers in the tread compound also give this tire a 60,000 tread wear warranty.

Price Range

The Cooper GFE tire ranges in price from around $75 for a 14″ series, to approximately $115 for the 16″ series models.

Cooper GFE Tire

Who Are Cooper GFE Tires Designed For?

Cooper has designed the GFE for drivers of all types of economy cars, as well as other models of coupes, sedans and minvans who desire a tire that will maximize fuel mileage while still providing solid traction and comfort.

Cooper Tires GFE Tire Sizes





  • Excellent rolling resistance for better fuel economy
  • Treadwear is very good with this tire
  • Nice handling for a touring tire


  • Not as quiet as we would like to see


Cooper tires covers the GFE tire with a 60,000 treadlife warranty in the U.S. There is also a 45 day road test guarantee that if you find you are not satisfied with the tires you can return them.