Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft Tires are manufactured by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, which is headquartered in Findley, Ohio, United States. They produce tires that are made for use on passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, light trucks and commercial vehicles. Cooper also purchased Avon Rubber in the United Kingdom in 1997, which produces tires for both motorcycles and cars.

Cooper was originally founded as M and M Company in 1914 to make materials for tire repair. When Mr. I. J. Cooper incorporated a tire manufacturing company in 1919, they merged with M and M and Falls Rubber, forming Master Tire and Rubber, the name of which became Cooper in 1946. Today they are the second largest tire manufacturer in the United States.

Mastercraft’s newest passenger car tire is called the MC 400. Passenger tires are made for use on cars, station wagons and minivans. The MC 400 is a radial tire with an H/V rating and a 40,000 mile limited warranty. The ratings are coded by the International Standards Organization to signify the load and speed of a tire. An “H” rating means a tire can safely operate up to 130 miles an hour and a “V” rating means a tire can safely operate up to 149 miles an hour. Mastercraft also makes an MC 440 passenger tire that is “T” rated, meaning it can be safely operated up to 118 miles an hour.

Their top model passenger car tire for use in extremely severe weather conditions is the Mastercraft Glacier Grip II. This is a studdable tire with a high traction design. It is known as an “ice biter” due to the placement of its stud holes which can provide maximum traction. One of Mastercraft’s innovative passenger car tires is the Avenger Touring LSR. They offer a free forty-five day road test for it. The tire has five ribs and traction is provided by a special silica and carbon black compound.

Mastercraft’s popular light truck tire, which is considered a good value, is the Courser LTR. These tires can be used on full size pickup trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles. The Courser LTR is value priced and also has a 40,000 mile limited warranty. This tire has a five-rib tread design that helps it perform well both on the road and off the road. The Courser HTR improves driving safety in snow and ice conditions and can be used on a number of different SUV’s and light trucks.

For use on sports utility vehicles, the Courser HTR Plus is popular due to its reliable performance in all kinds of weather. It has a 60,000 mile warranty and includes a protector around the rim that helps avoid scuffing from the curb. For even more severe weather, Mastercraft produces the studdable Courser MSR. These SUV tires can be used on all sports utility vehicles, light duty pickup trucks and 4×4’s.

The Mastercrafts Roadmaster RM185 is admired as a long-wearing commercial tire. It has a tread depth of 18.5/32″. With a four-belt construction it can resist penetration by stones and other small objects on the road. Their most rugged commercial tire, which is for on and off the road, is the Roadmaster RM300HH. It has 30/32″ of tread and four-belt construction.

Mastercraft advises all their tire buyers to be aware that tire life can be extended and safety can be attained by maintaining proper tire pressure, vehicle loading, and regular inspection.


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