Nitto NT 555R II Extreme Reviews

Nitto NT 555R II Extreme tires are built for maximum performance both on the street or on the road course. This street legal tire features a drag radial tread design that provides incredible traction and grip on all road surfaces.

On the street, wet road traction is enhanced with lateral slits in the tread to go with slanted grooves. The use of steel inserts in the sidewall of this tire gives it excellent high speed cornering and responsiveness.

The tire casing has twin steel belts with nylon cap plies, and jointless bead construction for better stability and control at any speeds.

Price Range

Prices on the Nitto NT 555R II tires range from around $150 for the smallest 17 inch series, to upwards of $500+ for the massive 22 inch series tires.

Nitto NT 555R II Extreme Tires

Who Are Nitto NT 555R II Extreme Tires Designed For?

Nitto has designed the NT 555R II Extreme tires for drivers of sports coupes and sedans who are looking for a street legal racing tire road course use, and one that can also be driven in daily use around town.

Nitto NT 555R II Extreme Tire Sizes

235/45R 17
P245/45ZR 17
255/40ZR 17
P255/45ZR 17
P275/40ZR 17
P285/40ZR 17
315/35ZR 17

225/40ZR 18
225/45ZR 18
235/40ZR 18
235/50ZR 18
245/40ZR 18
245/45ZR 18
255/35ZR 18
255/45ZR 18
265/35ZR 18
265/50ZR 18
275/35ZR 18
275/40ZR 18
285/35ZR 18
285/40ZR 18
295/45ZR 18

225/35ZR 19
235/35ZR 19
245/35ZR 19
265/30ZR 19
275/30ZR 19
275/35ZR 19

225/35ZR 20
235/35ZR 20
245/30ZR 20
245/35ZR 20
245/40ZR 20
255/35ZR 20
255/45ZR 20
265/35ZR 20
275/30ZR 20
275/35ZR 20
285/30ZR 20

255/30ZR 22
265/40ZR 22
285/35ZR 22
295/25ZR 22


  • Incredible dry pavement traction
  • Wet road surface traction not as bad as you might think with this tire
  • Tread wear is good if not driven to extremes all of the time


  • The stiffer sidewalls of this tire means more road noise and a bit rougher ride


Nitto tires provides a guarantee against materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years. It includes free tire replacement for the first 25% of tread depth, followed by a prorated amount down to the last 2/32 inch of useable tread depth. There is no mileage warranty provided for tread wear on these tires.