Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo tires may not be a name you’re that familiar with, but with its Japanese heritage this tire maker produces some of the better tires on the market today. No matter whether you are looking for an ultra high performance tire for your sports car, or whether it be a solid touring tire for a more comfortable and quiet ride, Sumitomo tires has a model that can fit your needs.

For high end performance vehicles the HTR Z II or III gives near race car handling on both dry and wet pavement. The HTR A/S P01 is an all-season tire designed for those who want excellent performance, but desire a tire they can drive on in all weather conditions.

Models like the HTR T4, Touring LS T and Touring LS H/V are tires that will give you advanced carbon tread design for better stability, a softer ride and longer tread wear. Computer tread designs, circumferential grooves and other technology provide for excellent wet road handling and increased driver confidence.

You can find links to reviews below for all of the various models of Sumitomo tires.

Sumitomo Tires

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