Sumo Tires

Sumo tires, not to be confused with Sumitomo which is not a related company, have bee around for a number of years now. Many know them for the tires they manufacture for buses, trucks, agricultural and large industrial equipment. But Sumo tires also produces passenger vehicle tires as well.

The Sumo Firenza is one of their top of the line performance radial tires. The Sumo Akina is another quality all season tire that is economically priced, yet provides good performance.

Sumo Cougar and Sumo ORR are two other models that the company manufactures and are worth taking a closer look at. Going forward, Sumo tires has a vision for designing and developing many new tread designs and products as they continue to grow their tire lineup in the future.


Sumo Tires

Passenger All-SeasonĀ 

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