Walmart Tires And Services – What To Expect

If you’ve been thinking it’s about time to put a new set of tread on your car or truck, Walmart Tires may be the place you’re considering going to. Although they sell hundreds of thousands of discounted tires every year, is it your best choice for new tires? What brands do Walmart Tires carry? What kind of services do they have?

We’ve purchased a number of tires over the years at Walmart and they do have low prices that are a great value for many drivers. They also have a huge number of tire centers; I believe the number is right around 2400 stores, or even more as of now. So they make it pretty convenient to get your tires changed and back on the road.

What Brands Can You Find With Walmart Tires?

Walmart carries a smaller variety of tire brands than you would find at your local tire store or online at a site like Discount Tire. That said, they do stock some name brands such as:

  • Goodyear Tires
  • Douglas Tires
  • Uniroyal Tires
  • Michelin Tires
  • BFGoodrich Tires

You’ll find all-season models, touring tires and more. Some of these tires are specifically branded for Walmart only. This can sometimes be a good deal, while at other times it limits you to only being able to service your tires at their stores. I’ve heard complaints from people about the quality of the branded tires, while I’ve also seen a lot of happy folks who have saved a lot of money on cheap Walmart tires.

Buying your new tires is as simple as ordering online or going into your local Walmart tire and lube center and buying them there. Shopping online is nice if you are not having a tire “emergency” because if they do not have the specific tire you need in stock at the store nearest you, they can quickly get their hands on it, schedule an installation appointment, and have you rolling on new tires in a day or two in most all cases.

What Other Tire Services Will I Find With Walmart Tires?

Naturally, you can get a road hazard warranty on any new tires you purchase. It will protect you for damages from road hazards and also flat tires. The people inside the store will tell you all the details, and the warranty runs approximately $10 for each tire.

Tire mounting is free, at least for tires purchased from Walmart. Most stores will also install any tires you bring in for flat fee of around $5.00 a tire.

Most stores will also mount any trailer tires, ATV tires, riding lawnmower or small garden tractor tires, etc. Again, the cost is usually in the $5.00 per tire range.

You can get your tires balanced and rotated through any store as well. Costs range from around $2.50 for tire rotation, to $6.50 for balancing a tire. That is a lifetime balance fee, so if you need to get them balanced again next year, there is no charge to do so.

Stores will also install new lug nuts, valve stems and repair any flat tires. Check your local store for pricing. Finally, stores in certain parts of the country are equipped to install studs in snow tires for around $8.50 a tire.

All of these services and the discounted prices on new tires help make Walmart Tires a choice for many drivers. Are there any problems with the service? Well, you can always run into issues with any store you shop from, and Walmart is no different. For example, you might have to wait for a few hours in some cases, especially if you do not have an appointment. Overall, if you are on a tight budget and are not real picky on what kind of tires goes on your vehicle, then Walmart Tires can be an excellent choice.