Dunlop SP50 Reviews

Dunlop SP50 tires are an option for original equipment replacements on just about any type of vehicle. Because they are M+S rated as an all-season radial tire, you can use them in all types of weather conditions. The tires feature Dunlop’s Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology to help in reducing road noise, as well as a center rib to aid in better stability and driver confidence.

A Silicarbon Matrix to go along with circumferential groove in the tread of this tire, give it better grip and handling on wet roads and in winter weather conditions. Dunlop offers the SP50 tire with either an S or T speed rating.

Price Range

The SP 50 runs right around $75.

Dunlop SP50 Tires

Who Is The Dunlop SP 50 Tire Designed For?

Dunlop has designed the SP50 tire for an original equipment all-season replacement on all makes and models of sedans, mini vans, light trucks and even sport utility vehicles.

Dunlop SP 50 Tire Sizes



  • M+S rated all-season tires
  • Traction and handling is average for O.E. replacement tires
  • Good in wet weather conditions


  • Other users say the tires tend to be more noisy than average
  • Not available in bigger rim sizes


Dunlop has a fairly limited warranty on the SP50 tire. There is no treadlife warranty, but it does come with a 6-month / first 2/32″ wear for uniformity, and a 6-year materials and workmanship guarantee. This includes first year free replacement or first 2/32″ wear, and then prorated for the remaining term.