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Nitto Tires, manufacturer of heavy-duty tires made for the outdoors, sprang from the forehead of the respected Toyo Tire company in 1999. The company hails from Japan and is known for its quality rubber vehicle tires. Nitto focuses on an outdoorsy demographic by making high functionality their primary concern. Nitto tires are made to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions–gravel and ice are no match for them. Though Nitto manufactures a variety of tires, the most popular are those meant for unpaved road.

The truly untamed soul will appreciate one such tire, the Nitto Mud Grappler. This surprisingly light tire features Nitto’s signature deep grooves which allow a vehicle to travel on sticky, mucky roads. A three layer polyester sidewall magnifies the safety of the tire by preventing punctures, making it perfect for off road purposes such as hunting or bird watching. A masculine, tough looking design is tamed by the obvious quality of the tire. The tires are mostly marketed to men between the ages 25-50 who spend a considerable amount of time on outdoor activities. Like all Nitto tires, the Mud Grappler undergoes a strict quality assurance process to prevent any flaws.

Another well-known Nitto tire is the NT05R, which was designed with drag races in mind. The smoothness of the tire combined with its gentle groves provides the perfect traction level for the drag-racing track. The tire allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle while traveling at dangerously high speeds.

Though they have an almost delicate appearance compared to other radial tires on the market, closer inspection proves these tires are tough. It is popular among the 18-25 male market segment, most of whom enjoy watching or participating in street or drag races. The NT05R complies with usual competition guidelines and is rumored to be the choice of the pickiest drag racers.

Though Nitto’s off-road and race-track tires are what make the company famous, Nitto also manufactures high quality multipurpose tires. One such Nitto tire is the Nitto Trail Grappler Tire, which is perfect for on- or off- road use. This tire is meant to be a combination of the Nitto Mud Grappler and Nitto’s less famous on-road tires. The grooves aren’t quite as deep, and the groove pattern isn’t as intense, but the tire still performs better than other on-road tires.

Sporting a subtle utilitarian form, Nitto Trail Grappler tires are the result of a minimalist-friendly design. Marketers take aim at young outdoor-loving families with kid friendly ad content. Still, it does not make the noise or cause the jiggling of an off-road tire. This tire is perfect for a family; its construction is great compromise for the wilderness lover and the city slicker.

In spite of Nitto’s well-publicized birth from respectable Toyo Tires, Nitto has maintained an edgy vibe. Nitto tires are aimed at a marketing segment that knows what it wants and isn’t fooled by cheesy slogans. With its hip reputation and quality products, Nitto tires will continue to earn notoriety in the tire industry.


Nitto Tires

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