Nitto NT NeoGen VR Reviews

The Nitto NT NeoGen VR tire is one of the company’s newest models. Owners of sport compact cars will appreciate the performance enhancments the NeoGen VR brings to the table. With an asymmetrical design to go along with its all-season tread, this tire handles well in all weather conditions.

Dry pavement handling and cornering are especially noticeable in this model. The silica in the tread compound combines with better overall tread block strength to give the tire better traction. Wet road handling is improved due to circumferential grooves which are also angled to help evacuate more water away from the tire.

Price Range

Prices on the Nitto NeoGen VR run from around $100 for the 15 inch series to upwards of $115 for the 16 inch models.

Nitto NT NeoGen VR Tires

Who Are Nitto NT NeoGen VR Tires Designed For?

Nitto has designed the NeoGen VR for owners of various types of sport compact cars who are looking for a high performance tire that performs very well on dry pavement, yet tracts well on wet also.

Nitto NT NeoGen VR Tire Sizes




  • Traction on dry pavement is excellent
  • Handling on wet and light snow covered roads is quite good
  • Sticky grip provides increased driver confidence


  • Would like to see them made available in larger sizes
  • Tread life could be better


Nitto tires does not have a mileage guarantee on the NT NeoGen VR. They do however provide a 5 year or first 25% of wear guarantee on materials and workmanship.