Uniroyal Tires

As a tire maker that has been producing tires since 1892, Uniroyal tires is a household name for most Americans. While you may know the company from their mascot the Uniroyal tire tiger, it is their lineup of quality tread designs that has helped make them an industry leader.

For those looking for a touring tire, the Tiger Paw Touring, Long Touring A/S or Touring Trak A/S are all good choices for the budget minded driver. Places like Wal-Mart carry Uniroyal tires for a good discount. The Tiger Paw Ice & Snow II is designed for those looking for a winter driving tire.

If you drive a performance coupe or sedan, the Tiger Paw GTZ all season performance tire is an option to consider. With its non-directional tread design and excellent handling, it provides you with the performance you seek in a tire.

Regardless of the type of car, truck, van, SUV or other type of vehicle you drive, Uniroyal has a tire designed specifically to suit your needs.

Uniroyal Tires

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